Why be negative?

My sistas, my sistas. Why must we be so negative? Why must we be so negative toward one another? Should we be battling one another? Should we be so salty toward one another? Why do we always feel the need to call one another b’s and h’s? No matter if we are at the club, at the store, or even in our own home.I have sit back in the outfield, and listened to many different females chit chat. Nine times out of 10, one of them will be called a B. It never fails. Why are we so angry at one another? Is it because of where we come from? Is it because Tracie’s hair is long and mine is short?

Now don’t be misled. I have had these issues before as well. I was simply angry because the next female had a bigger booty than me, her skin was clearer than mine, and/or she walked better than me. Or maybe I was just jealous. When I look back on those things, in all reality, it was stupid.

With age comes wisdom. As I got older, I learned how to accept the differences between myself and other African-American females. We are all equal. No matter how beautiful this person is standing next to me, I am just as beautiful.

One reason I think that rappers disrespect us so much is because we disrespect ourselves and other females. If we didn’t hate on each other so much, maybe they would ease up on calling us b’s and h’s. If we stop degrading ourselves with such songs as “The Baddest B” and calling ourselves things like that, then maybe our Black males wouldn’t call us those same things. But as long as we are downgrading ourselves, other individuals will too.

My sistas, we need to discontinue this hate we have for one another. We all should be strong for one another and love each other. We need to not be so quick to snap on one another.

If a female is staring at whatever it is you have on, just smile and go on. Just because she’s staring does not mean that she is hating. Maybe she likes what you have on, or maybe she loves your hair style, but is too stubborn to tell you that.