We should remember our Black history

Black History Month is fading fast. As we come closer and closer toward the end of the first decade of the twenty first century, our past Black leaders are fading with it.I remember in the early 90s when I was a kid, there were parades, plays, programs, etc focusing on Black history. Not saying that Blacks should only celebrate their heritage one month out of the year, but this is our month lets utilize it.

Black leaders have fought hard in the past for us black youth to live today. I feel that this February has not done Black history its justice. When we celebrate our history we represent how we feel about ourselves. Is this how we feel about our selves and our heritage?

As the Black generations progress the past is somewhat forgotten. If it were not for our past this world that we know today would not be our need to know who invented that, who discovered this, or who found the cure for that, etc. This is not just black history it is the history of the world because we as Blacks are the first people to walk the earth. We made history, why not continue to make more?

Black history is our personal record of achievement. How could we let this go to waste? We need to be more aware of where we came from and appreciate the fight that our ancestors fought for us.

This month should have been much more in depth with our history. If we don’t broadcast it, then who will? Black history is one month a year lets make it the best month. We need to form a Black History Month organization, that we use just for the sake of our history.

They should plan Black history events for Grambling. We need this on our campus seeing as though we are an HBCU. Black history, the history that needs to be recognized.