Tickets, tickets and more tickets

Students and faculty all over the campus of Grambling State University have had their personal experiences with receiving tickets. Many are frustrated and don’t understand why there has been a large influx in ticket issuing this school term.According Sandra Lee, associate professor in the Department of Mass Communication, students should accept the consequences of getting a ticket for parking in faculty zone.

“They are not supposed to park there. We (faculty and staff) pay more for our decal and it’s against university policy for students to park in our zone,” she said.

Tickets have become the trend at GSU and many blame it on the limited amount of parking spaces on campus. “There is so much construction on this campus and all you can do is park on the grass by the Nursing Building or park in faculty spots…It’s also hard to tell the difference from commuter parking and faculty zone parking,” said Kevin Thompson, junior from Jackson, Miss.

The ticket influx is raking in thousands of dollars at the university, and students are feeling the pinch within their wallets.

Thompson says he’s lucky to not have received any tickets this school term and says he’s optimistic that there will be major changes in the GSU ticket policy soon.

“Many of my friends have been receiving tickets on a consistent basis and find themselves hundreds of dollars in debt at the end of the semester,” he said.

Though the University Master Development Plan says that a pedestrian campus is in the works, for now students are outraged that so many tickets are being issued.

“It makes no sense that many tickets are being issued to students when there are not enough parking spots on campus,” said Jessica Furlow a sophomore from Alexandria.

Furlow, Lee and Thompson all had suggestions for the ticket money received by the university.

“The university should build a parking lot or garage with the money,” said Lee.

Thompson and Furlow agree that the money should be invested in the beatification of the university.

“After all these years, there should enough money from issuing tickets to have built two parking garages by now, upgrade some of the academic buildings and beautify the university.” said Furlow.