TB: Who is your Black inspiration and why?

Asia Robinson
Denver, CO
My mother because she is a black Nubian queen who always puts her kids before herself.Rhondria Cleveland
Madam C.J. Walker, because she invented the curling iron. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to comb my hair.

Rita Williams
Chicago, IL
My black inspiration is my mother. She’s worked hard all her life and she has plenty to show for it. She has instilled a hard work ethic in me, and I appreciate her love and patience with me.

Deangelo Waller
Los Angeles, Calif
Jay-Z because even with all the success he has he always has a higher goal to achieve, rather than being satisfied with what he has.

Brenton Flurry
Silver Spring, MD
Will Smith he is a major entrepreneur who took himself from the slums of Philly to the big time. He crossed the line with music though.