My voice is larger than life

We have always had readers on The Gramblinite Web site who shared strong views on the world. Nonetheless, I have always invited people to have a conversation on our site about the issues published within the newspaper. However, some alumni and readers are taking the notion that I am using a public institution newspaper to voice my views on a presidential candidate, who shall remain nameless.

Though I think the charge is wrong, I will respect their voices because if it weren’t for the our ancestors we probably wouldn’t be sitting here debating on topics such as race, campus issues and a presidential campaign.

However, I do think it is absurd for people to call me a sellout, Uncle Tom or say that it’s people like me who are the reason Blacks can’t get ahead on The Gramblinite Web site is WRONG.

Just because our views differ that makes me a sellout? Just because I am a Black man who is fired-up about voting makes me a sellout? Just because race isn’t the biggest factor in my life doesn’t make me a sell out.

I believe that a sellout is someone who does something detrimental against their beliefs for personal gain.

So, people, before you type the word sellout, think about what I am selling and what I am gaining. I’m a Black man in 2008 voting in a presidential campaign that “I” believe in.

All my life I have been taught to voice my opinion and stand up for what I believe in. Just when I am thinking that I’m making tremendous strides, people would definitely try to tear me (and anyone) to shreds.

I thank everyone, for making me realize finally that my voice does make a impact on society. Whether positive or negative, someone is influenced by the words I have to say because my voice is larger than life. Church!