‘Lyrical Quest’ gives students voice

Are you looking for a place to express your artistic talent? Lyrical Quest is the spot for you. As 11 students from across the globe came together, they all had one thing in common and that was their love for poetry. It began with a phone call and ambition when two former members of The Black Hand Side decided to branch off and create their own organization that provided an artistic enlightenment and gave students the opportunity to express themselves freely.

However, although they loved poetry, it was not the only way that this organization wanted to express themselves.

This particular group did something new and different and by deciding to add music, dancing and paintings to seal the deal.

“Our goal is to spread the love of art and culture on this campus,” says poet Jessieca Gafford.

As each show begins the melodies from the Lyrical Quest theme song is presented, after that a few cast members speak and then new poets are given the opportunity to express themselves freely.

“We are looking for people who are consistent to perform at the shows,” says poet Jerome Williams.

Many members of the cast feel as though a lot of their inspiration comes from not only seeing one another perform, but also the positive energy that the crowd gives off as well.

“It’s something different on campus to go to and it’s a different way of expressing yourself,” says Anna Sampy who regularly attends the show.

Just like Ms. Sampy many other students who attend the show feel as though Lyrical Quest gives students the opportunity to experience something different and appreciate the various forms of art.

To enjoy the diverse sounds of Lyrical Quest you can come out and see the show every Thursday night at 7 p.m. in Woodson Hall Room 10.