It’s ‘Us or Nothin’

During your daily routine here at Grambling State University you’ll notice some of the usual things on campus. The mud-laden sidewalks in front of Brown Hall, the students socializing in front of the cafeteria just before it opens or even the campus police writing GSU students more parking tickets as they sit in class.However, one thing that has caused somewhat of a buzz around the campus has been the flyers bearing the name. “Us or Nothin.”

“We’re right behind the people that pick up the trash to put new one’s right back up the next day.” Solo G. said. “We want the flyers to complement the campus so we keep’ em fresh everyday.”

Solo, along with KB, S. White, J-Irv, Sloppy Joe and Rich Boi have been at the
forefront of promotion for the talented group of lyricists out of different areas of the country called “Us Or Nothin.”

Though the culture is the same, the music is different in various regions of the country. A major challenge in the music industry today is encouraging listeners that are not from your area to embrace music from someone they otherwise would not have heard of before making somewhat of a transition. Solo, an artist from Sacramento, has witnessed this transition first hand.

“I always felt music from the south, Juvenile, B.G. and all the Hot Boy$, I bumped them on the west coast, but actually being here in the south has made me a
more well rounded person. The south has definitely affected my music as well, it’s to where I can talk about the experiences and the people I meet down here in my music. The south has definitely become a part of me these days.”

The most important aspect in hip-hop is the message.

The people rely on entertainers to alleviate a bad day or make music that they can relate to. With many group members of U.S. or Nothin’ from different regions and with different styles you get various choices on what type of music you can listen to.

“Not everyone is going to like our styles,” S. White said. “That’s why we so many people who have a lot of versatile styles. The group has a number of songs they are planning to release to the public, titles such as “Real Hood” by KB.

“It’s (a track) for everyone that’s made to in Grambling,” KB said. “You know how it goes we’re herewith no toilet paper in JTS we’re here and real hood.”

Rich Boi, an artist from Atlanta Georgia, has produced a variety of beats for the crew from club bangers to anthems and continuously sets the tone for hot beats.

It shouldn’t be hard to tell “Us Or Nothin” is serious. Find it hard to believe. Just read the signs, or check out www.toohotrecords.com.