GSU’s fight song voted one of best in nation

It’s taught in First Year Experience classes. It’s chanted at football games in Robinson Stadium and elsewhere. It was even played at legendary coach Eddie Robinson’s funeral.And now the Grambling State fight song has been recognized as one of the best in the country.

The Web site www.fvsports, recently announced the 25 schools that were voted as having the best college fight song, and GSU’s came in at No. 12.

There were five criteria by which www.fvsports.com asked that the songs be judged. They were:

Fired Up – Does the song get you fired up?

Lyrics – Most fight song lyrics are of the pretty generic “rah rah, fight, win” variety. However, certain songs have their own connection to their team and state that raise them to another level.

Tradition – Does the fight song itself have tradition, and does the school itself have tradition?

Distinction – Does the song stand out from other fight songs?

Fans: voted an A- in fired up, B- in lyrics, B+ in tradition and B in distinction.

Simply called “Fight Song,” the GSU anthem was composed by D. Napoleon Kaufman.