GSU chief talks campus issues

Parking conditions has always been a subject students have shown a strong interest in, primarily because many feel there are not enough parking spaces on campus. However, last week, The Gramblinite reported that many students still had several issues and suggestions that would help put a lid on many of the students’ concerns.

GSU police chief Jefferson Walker recognized that parking is a issue at GSU. “Parking spaces are not conveniently located for students access,” he said.

According to Walker, on-campus students should not drive to class. “According to the rules and regulations students should walk to class…Classes are usually only a block away from from the dorm with the exception of Drew, ” he added.

For students commuting to campus, Walker says they should park behind Charles P. Adams or the football stadium.

Many might question why they have to park so far from the academic buildings. “Faculty and staff are given top priority to get in and out of their work station…They pay for decal’s as well,” Walker said.

Though he says every student is given a regulation handbook at registration time, many fail to read it thoroughly.

“Many times students don’t read the instructions and the ending result is a campus violation,” Walker said.

Walker admits that increasing parking spaces on the campus has been discussed. ” We have discussed increasing parking but we lost so many spaces due to construction of the new buildings,” he said.

As for the money that is allocated from the tickets Walker says the funds go towards better parking and other things. “The university does not go into that account to take money,” Walker added.

Walker encourages stay abreast of the campus rules and regulations.