Grambling and Ruston areas support heart walk

Many Lincoln Parish members gathered at the Louisiana Tech arena to participate in the 2008 heart walk on Saturday, Feb. 17.The heart walk consisted of citizens from those who have raised thousands of dollars to members who just wanted to show their participation. The walk is to raise awareness about the seriousness of heart disease.

The walk is over 2 miles and is very influential to North Louisiana. Ever since Grambling’s initial heart walk in 2003, GSU has been a great influence to the walk as well as its participants.

The heart walk had many students from Louisiana Tech and just as many from Grambling State. Faculty and staff also were valuable participants in the walk.

Lincoln parish committee recruiter and heart walk member, Susan Wiley stated, “Many faculty and staff participate.” “If they don’t walk they give donations, and quite a few faculty and staff are here today walking.”

Some of the student organizations that participated from GSU were Kappa Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Omega Tau Pi, GSU history club and GSU biology club. In the walk, many of those who were stroke or heart attack victims were awarded red cap status for their support and efforts towards the disease.

If participates lost someone in the past to this disease, they were able to register their walk in memory that person. Many special presentations were presented to influential members of heart disease, but everyone who participated that day made the difference.