Being safe important to GSUPD

Staying safe on any college campus is a challenge for students in today’s society. A lack of communication can sometime confuse students and make small problems turn into larger problems.GSU Police Chief Jefferson Walker says, “Safety is very important and is our number one priority…Communication is also as equally important,” he said.

The campus police department just completed a safety seminar at Drew Hall and Tiger Village this week.

“During dorm meetings we talk about safety, drugs, domestic violence and date rape,” he explained thoroughly.

Walker says he wants to make sure students can study and learn in a safe environment.

He admits there have been a number of robberies, assaults and weapons found on campus. “Rooms have been broken into, laptops have been stolen along with other items,” he explained.

Tiger Village has started to close the security gates so it would be difficult for intruders to gain access into the complex. “The initial plan was to get the gates installed. They will open and close 24-hours a day,” he said.

Starting next week, the GSU police department will start a “Police Beat” in The Gramblinite allowing students to know what is occurring on the GSU campus.

“We like to practice community policing by always talking to the students, but we want them to always think safety first,” he said.