2.28 20 Questions

1. Why are there so many hooded miscreants walking around?2. Who else think on-campus Internet is worse than dial-up?

3. Who else is tired of the Obama/Clinton lovefest?

4. Can we possibly fast forward to November?

5. Did you know Women’s History Month starts next week?

6. Does that mean Hillary will automatically get more press?

7. Who feel like taking us to Wal-mart?

8. Who else makes life decisions at the gas pump?

9. Why do those gates at Tiger Village keep blocking?

10. Doesn’t the Word of the Week’s reference to the Lion King bring back memories? (Word of the Week is online)

11. Aren’t you mad that they killed Mufasa?

12. Isn’t Snoop’s reality show the anti-Run’s House?

13. Now that the win streak is over, will Coach Wright’s job search begin?

14. Wouldn’t it be funny if he and Coach Ponton ended up at the same school?

15. Do you think Coach Spears could hook them up at TSU?

16. Even though you’d hate to admit it, don’t you wanna “YAH” somebody?

17. Aren’t the “Crank Dat” remixes getting old?

18. Aren’t you still waiting for the “Crank Dat G-nite” remix?

19. If Barack Obama becomes the first Black president, could Paul Mooney be the second?

20. What makes you think you’re not a slave?

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Not to be taken seriously. Those sensitive at heart need not read.