2.21 20 Questions

1. When will people realize that it is not financially responsible to drive around campus all day?2. Who hit the post-Valentine sale up?

3. When will the remainder of the refunds post?

4. With the writer’s strike over will tv bounce back?

5. Can we sue Soulja Boy for the advancement of youth ignorance?

6. Why is Flava Flav still being allowed on television?

7. Doesn’t he continually set black people back 5 years at a time?

8. Doesn’t that make him a prime candidate for the springfest concert?

9. What would it take to get some real artist?

10. Are you going to “Show for Dough” at the game Saturday?

11. What would happen if the New Orleans Hornets tanked in the second half of the season and didn’t make the playoffs?

12. Would it be just as funny if they did make it this year and didn’t next year(shout out to the Saints)?

13. Are we the only one’s that are mad that there have not been any new episodes of Run’s House?

14. What’s worse: the fact that TSU hired Billy Owens or that Isiah Thomas still has a job?

15. How serious is it getting in the NBA’s Western Conference?

16. How big would it be if the Lakers won the NBA Championship with Shaq back in the Western Conference?

17. Don’t you still dream about Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, and Michael Jordan in a dunk contest?

18. Who pissed off the GSU and Grambling City cops?

19. What G-nite editor, that lives on campus, calls Police Chief Walker neighbor?

20. Does the chief ever go borrow some sugar?

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Not to be taken seriously. Those sensitive at heart need not read.