It is a great feeling to have true love

I’m a very lucky man to have the relationship that I have. To know that I don’t have to worry about my fiancé cheating on me is a great thing, and a luxury that I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t have. I see it every day, some girl checking her boyfriend’s email account behind his back or a guy following his girlfriend when she’s supposed to be with her girlfriends. It’s gotten so bad that television shows like “Cheaters” are so popular that it still airs even though one of the hosts was stabbed on the air.

Having the ability to trust someone is not only highly vaunted in any relationship, but it is something that I have an abundance of when it comes to my fiancé.

I also don’t give her a reason to not trust me. Its kind of sad how many guys will complain about how their girl doesn’t trust them, but they seem compelled to do stupid stuff like have women call them in the middle of the night. Don’t get hype just yet ladies, cause a lot of you are guilty of the same stupid behavior. I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t see the point of being in a relationship if you’re going to cheat all the time.

A lot of you out there have had bad experiences with relationships, and hearing me say that I’m oh so in love might make you feel a little sick. I’ve been there before, and I can say that if you are patient, God will bring the right person into your life. The right person may not be the one you are with right now, but in time you will find them. I was patient, and the reward for my patience was a wonderful woman coming into my life. Our relationship hasn’t been the easiest, but we go through our struggles in stride.

A prosperous relationship cannot flourish if disagreements cannot be resolved without communication, and that’s something that we have become very good at. I am a strong believer in not going to bed angry with someone, because you never know if that will be the last time you’ll see that person. Loving someone is an active process, and two major parts of that process are communication and compromise. You can’t stay with someone if you can’t talk to him or her.

I’ve rambled enough, so I’ll go ahead and wrap this up. Love can either be a splendid thing or a nightmare, depending on how you look at it. I have seen the painful side of love, but since April of 2004, I have felt the best kind of love. It feels like one of those cheesy movie sequences where two lovers run to each other in slow motion with romantic music playing in the background.

To those who don’t understand that feeling, I apologize because I know that I have found the woman that I will spend the rest of my life with. I hope all of you find the same kind of love that I’m feeling right now.