Hate it or love it?

Valentine’s Day can be a day people look forward to, while other s dread the 14th day of February. Couples use this day to illustrate the love or true feelings they share for each other. The rest use it as their own self-proclaimed “Single Awareness Day”. Whatever category you fall in, Valentine’s Day does not have to be what society forces it to be.My past Valentine’s Day experiences have been memorable even when I was not involved with someone. It all began with my mother. When my sister and I were younger, every Valentine’s Day she would surprise us with our own stuff animals and our favorite kind of candy.

Chocolates for my sister, and a variety of fruit flavored Starbursts for me. It was then she began to show us that we did not need a boy to make us feel special; we had each other. Even in elementary, we used to spend all night making Valentine’s cards with suckers attached to them for all our friends.

They were handed out the next day at the party to everyone. Not just the girls, or the guys, but everyone was allowed to feel special.

As I got older, almost all of my past Valentine’s Day gifts have come from friends whether they are male or female. One of the fondest memories of celebrating the holiday was during my freshman year here at Grambling.

I had a male friend who surprised me at the last minute with a gift I had been wanting for what seemed like forever. It was a thoughtful gift that I will never forget, and it was all just because we were friends.

I hear many people now who hold on to the belief that Valentine’s Day was really just a thing to do for women. In certain aspects that may be true, but for the most part I disagree. I think guys deserve a chance to feel loved, cared about, and special as well.

Ladies involved in relationships can use this day to show the man in their lives how much they appreciate them too. On the other hand, a single lady may use this day to hook up with friends and spend some time bonding and showing how much they really love each other.

This year I took some time out to get a few of my close friends a small gift as a token of our friendship, I’m making time for that special guy who I get to celebrate the festivities with, and I am also expecting a gift from my mother that should be coming in the mail soon. Valentine’s Day can really only be what a person makes it. With that said, how will you spend it?