Do right for the people we love

To me, Valentine’s Day is looked at as a day to remind a special person how much they mean to you. I don’t think it’s wise to go find a random friend for this day. Valentine’s is a special day set aside for someone who has contributed some impressive moments throughout the year. You are not REQUIRED to buy candy, bears and hearts all day. Just spending time with that person and not allowing anything or anyone to stand in the way of your feelings is all that matters.

Doing something that your special someone loves to do on a daily basis is another way that you can express your feelings toward them. We are college students, and everyone is not able to provide that romantic candlelight home-cooked dinner, or have roses delivered to the door, or buy big baskets and bears and cards and candy.

Just showing that you care and being able to look that person in the eye and express how much you love them is all that matters. So hold on to your refund check, fellas.

The main point that needs to be stressed is to the fortunate but unfortunate. Ladies, you are beautiful people on this earth, and maybe this year you don’t have that special someone in your life. Please do not stay home and be sad all day. If you’ve got a friend who has been by your side since day one, show that friend some appreciation. Spend time with that friend. Send them one of those forward messages about all of your “ride or die” friends, just to show you care.

There is someone for everybody, and today is just a day that you don’t know who that person is. Do not let that discourage you. There are people in relationships who wish they could be single again because of the drama they are going through with their significant other now. If they wish they weren’t with them, that simply means they are not with the right person.

Await your time and everything will fall in place. You would much rather be free and single than to have someone and be unhappy. And then it’s hard for you to find happiness because it feels like it no longer exists when someone takes all of it from you.

Happiness will never leave your life as long as you believe in it and you continue to find it. A heart must be broken down in order for it to be build back up the right way.

Who cares what people think about your looks? Walk forward with your head to the sky, and go to your closest friend and give them a hug. God put you on this earth to be successful and happy. People are love-blind at times and seem to be attracted to anything that look like it’s shining. But everything that shines is not a diamond, and most will realize that after being in a relationship based on who is cute and who is not. Things may not always work as we want them to, but they will work as they are supposed to. I promise that to you.

And for those who are fortunate enough to have someone in their life, do not use this day to be nice to your significant other and then turn around tomorrow and start cheating on them again. “Any man can love a million women, but a real man can love a woman in a million ways.”

Use this time to realize who you love and put a smile so strong on their face that it would make you sick if you see them sad. And keep that thought in your head before you attempt to do something that would break their heart and end that smile.

So once again, let’s keep it real for 2008 and do what’s right for the people we love. For those people without someone this year, hold your head up, because you are loved by someone. Regardless of if it’s your friends, your family or that person in your class who is afraid to say something yet, somebody has their eye on you.
Be safe and have fun. Happy Valentine’s Day!