Counseling Center offers options

There have been only a couple of weeks of school. Your teachers have given you an ample amount of homework, and the stress is already starting to pile up on you. Or maybe you are you in a relationship and need some kind of direction. Well, there is a place on campus for you to go and unwind or get advice on a variety of problems.

The Student Counseling Center provides students with licensed therapists who are there to help.

“We want to help students develop their leadership skills, and referral to mental health facilities are also offered to students who are in need of it,” said Dr. Coleen Speed, director of the Counseling Center.

Staff members Demetria Johnson and Tundra Turner, as well as office coordinator Diana Hassen, are there to help any student by focusing on students, friends and family relationships problems.

Individual or group therapy is offered for students experiencing gender conflicts or those with household and drug problems.

Relaxation chairs and massages are provided for students from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For those who need extra time to be counseled, students can call (318) 274-2222 to be connected to a 24-hour crisis line.

The center also offers health relationship, stress-related and down-low presentations. Disability services are also offered.

Afraid of your business being exposed? Don’t worry, because everything is confidential.
Dr. Speed is currently working on a chat line for students who suffer from depression and also a 100 percent smoke-free coalition.

The Student Counseling Center is funded by Title III and visitation is free of charge. It is located on Central Avenue in the west wing of the Foster-Johnson Building.
The center’s motto is “One vision, one team, one center, and one university.”

Center personnel urge students not to hesitate to seek help. So when you’re feeling down or stressed out, there are skilled professionals on campus waiting to assist you.