TB: How do you feel about the Greek plots being removed?

Claude McCann Jr.
First I haven’t heard anything about the plots being moved and it really doesn’t bother me it might give the school a new look.Nick Carter
Kappa Alpha Psi
Jacksonville, FL
I feel that the plots should stay in their original spot because by moving them to another location wouldn’t be the same.

James K. Lewis
Omega Psi Phi
Vicksburg, Miss
I feel that by moving the plots, students in these organizations are being deprived of their opportunity to be different and diverse. All of the hard work done in keeping up these plots will just be wiped away as well.

Cheryl Cooper
Los Angles
Our school is based and built on history right! The Greek and Non-Greek plots share history at their spot. As a member of DBW, I feel it would be stealing our history. How would they feel if we took the President’s parking only spot away and he had to park anywhere?

Burgundy Shurman
I feel like it’s stupid because there is no need for the plots to be moved. They have been there for too long.