People, stand up for more

On Monday in The Gramblinite’s weekly budget meeting, we discussed the issue of the Greek plots being relocated. Some Gramblinite staff members were dissatisfied with the attempt to relocate the plots, and I understand their frustration. However, what I don’t understand is how Black organizational leaders can come together for causes that only affect them. Time and time again, we have campus-wide general meetings that are to discuss the issues at Grambling that affect not only Greeks but also the student body.

In no way am I saying that Greeks should be the only ones held responsible for uniting the student body, but I am saying the student body should look at their organizations in more than a festive way. We expect you to be advocates for righteousness and be leaders that pave the way for betterment.

Since the Greek plots are being relocated, I wonder what will happen to everyone else? What about the non-Greek organizations? Will you protest for them? All they are asking for is a chance to still be recognized on the campus.

I believe that people, not just Greeks, are not strong advocates for the things that really matter. The things that would help create a better campus are being overlooked, such as the Marquee that never promos events that students are actually interested in, like the movie theater we are paying for in the student union that we still don’t have and the conditions of our educational environment. There are many more things we need to be protesting about, but we don’t.

There has been talk for years about having the Greek plots relocated, and everyone is waiting until now to do something. I believe it’s a little too late. I understand your frustrations on having history dug up from your own backyard, but as long as you continue to stand around and wait, until the last minute, they will continue to order your steps instead of you determining your destiny.

Hopefully, I can encourage GSU Greeks and the student body to be liaisons for change. Don’t step up for the things that only affect you but for the things that will affect us all. We all have a place here at GSU, and it’s not only made up of Greeks but individuals who walk the campus everyday with the word “change” on their minds.