Greeks asked to evacuate plots

Historical markers are used in order to maintain the preservation of history in this great country. Unfortunately, these customs do not apply at Grambling State University. All student organizations are being forced to move by May 18. As for non-Pan-Hellenic organizations. Their plots are being removed permanently from the university. SGA vice-president, Franklin Wilson said, “Being in a Greek and non-Pan-Hellenic organization, in which all of them has it’s significant values and meanings, have an idea of removing plots.

This is at an all-time high based on all of the other issues that are common around Grambling State University’s campus such as public university transportation, public safety, better police security, a wider relationship with our administration and etc.” A custom at Grambling State University is classification of organizations.

The campus refers to the divine 9 organizations as “Greek” and all those not in the divine nine are called “non-Greek.” Even though many of the non-Pan-Hellenic organizations are in fact “Greek.”

Alpha Phi Omega member Juston Jackson feels “This is nothing but Black Greek supremacy. They call Grambling a diverse school, but they do not show diversity. How they categorize us is terrible, and action should be taken. If they take our plot, take all of them up.”

In the recent Student Government Association general assembly, SGA representatives said that the Vice-President of Student Affairs, Dr. Karen Martin, who just arrived at GSU last year, is taking this action in order to “beautify the campus.”

Even though the campus is in the process of getting great buildings, the campus buildings that are standing are, in some cases, unacceptable. Phi Mu Alpha member Broderick Eggins said, “I have a huge hole in my math class window and the school is worried about something as stupid as taking away my plot,” “No wonder nobody likes the administration.”

The campus is enduring a phase-by-phase remobilization of campus and many higher-level administrators feel that the fraternity and sorority plots on campus are “eye sores.”

This vast decision was made without informing any organization although the administration has claimed that they have given ample notification to the organizations.

The administration claims that a schedule to remove the plots has been in action for over ten years. Even though the Judson administration has only been active for four years.

This accusation is believed to be because of the paintings on the ground that acted as the old plots. They were ordered to be taken up because the plots were dangerous when wet.

GSU Alumni Eric Wright reported “they made us take the paint of our plot off the ground in the late 90’s,” he stated, “This has nothing to do with the benches. All of them weren’t even here ten years ago, so how can a plan be in affect to have them taken up.”

Frank Wilson also states, “We need to come together as students and university and get these issues into effect; let’s get what is rightfully ours.