Complaining with no solutions

Our hearts are heavy right now. As we progress through the semesters of our collegiate lives, we are always hearing complaint after complaint after complaint about the way things are conducted at the university. However, we don’t see many student leaders doing anything.Before you start to ask, no, this is not a shot at the SGA or FSUB. This is a shot at everyone who sits around and does nothing. Year after year, we are tired of going around gathering quotes, and they appear to be everything negative about the university.

If you don’t like GSU that much, why are you still here? Why even go to class at the university? Why cheer on the athletic teams and go to sporting events for free? Why do all of this if you are so against the university?

It’s funny how the SGA would throw a party of some sort, and everyone will come out. Yet, when they throw a rally to address the concerns and issues of the university, no one shows up. However, the leadership does not solely fall on the SGA.

Greek organizations, honor societies, NAACP, regular students, faculty, staff and everyone else needs to come together in some capacity to address the issues of the university, whether they be minor or small.

It’s tiring to walk on campus and hear someone say something negative about GSU. While we understand that there are some problems, you shouldn’t talk about GSU if you are not doing anything to help it.

As President Horace Judson once said, “It’s OK to complain, but what’s the solution?