Give Clinton credit where it’s due

Both Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama do not differ by the least. The have the exact same senate voting record that expounds on their similarities. However, Clinton voted for the war in Iraq and Obama didn’t. It doesn’t make her any less qualified to seek the presidential nomination. It took half of the Democrats in the senate in order to move forward the war.

If people are going to thrash Sen. Clinton for her vote, then we should be as equally upset with Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) our home senator who voted yes to use military force against Iraq.

Many question my reasoning for supporting Clinton. As I previously stated, I am not supporting her because of Bill or because she’s a women. I am supporting her because of the issues. She understands our place in America. Just because a person didn’t endure the struggle, doesn’t mean they don’t understand the struggle.

Race has been the issue in this presidential campaign since it started. I understand that Blacks will never stop reliving the past being that those detrimental things that happened pierced through their skin like a sharpened machete.

Nonetheless, I do believe that in order to grow from the past one must accept the fact that you can’t change what happened. Once Blacks realize that then we would be ready for a Black president.

According to VoteSmart.com, Clinton voted no to allowing legal status for immigrants convicted of certain crimes. Clinton voted yes to increasing the maximum federal Pell Grant Amendment so that college students, including Blacks can afford school.

Clinton voted yes to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Act and voted yes to increase minimum wage to $5.85 after 60 days of the vote passing and to $6.55 being one year after the 60th day and to $7.25 after 2 years of the 60th day. So Black people please explain to me why Sen. Clinton isn’t for Black people? Please explain to me why she doesn’t have children in mind when she voting on Bills?

Race should not be an issue in this election. Issues should be our top priority. And as we look at the issues I just mentioned, each and everyone one of them not only affect Black people but they affect all people. Clinton fights for us all and her record proves it. I’m not trying to campaign for her, nor am I trying to change your mind. I just want people to give credit where credit is due.

Obama and Clinton are two candidates that have realistic views for America. Their records are similar, the main difference is, Clinton has the most experience, Obama has the least. But in this election, I refuse to follow the George W. Bush era in electing someone with little to no experience. We need someone who is prepared on day one.

That’s my view!