Clinton will win the nomination

Hillary Clinton politicsHillary Clinton is known as one of the best politicians because she is known to be tough and sticks to her word. However, many view it as her not being soft or passionate enough, but I view it differently. If Clinton displayed softness all the time, everyone would push her over. Her toughness shows that she’s not willing to back down on anything.

Negative campaigning: At the start of the campaign last January, Clinton only went after Republicans. She wanted to make sure America didn’t forget that this was George Bush’s war and that the country’s economy was better off after Bill Clinton left the White House.

Iraq: Though Hillary Clinton voted the authorize the war In Iraq, it does not take away from the fact that Bush’s administration, not Clinton’s, manipulated the American people. Hillary was not the only voter; it took a two-thirds majority vote and she was not the only Democrat who voted for the war. No, it doesn’t justify the reasoning for her vote, but the entire Democratic Party was bluffed into thinking that they were voting for a war on TERROR, not OIL!

Voting record: Since January 2005 Clinton has voted present 77 times versus Obama’s 124 times. This says to me that Obama does not want to take a position on the issues. How can a candidate express change so strongly, when they’re not present to vote for change?

She has a strong connection with women, Blacks, Latinos and middle-class people who work the hardest for our country. She supports a woman’s right to choose, wants to mandate universal health care. She’s for ending the war in Iraq and having a stronger economy. I’m not supporting her because she’s a woman, or because she’s Bill’s wife, but because she understood our issues 10 years ago and still understands them now.

Barack Obama politics

Barack Obama is a candidate says he is the voice of the new generation. Obama is selling America the politics of hope. He vows that he is not the traditional politician and he doesn’t read out of the Republican playbook. But after Monday’s debate we all saw that Obama is just like the other contenders — willing to do and say anything to get the presidential bid. Though scrambling for Black votes, I have yet to hear him say what he will do for Blacks.

Negative campaigning: Though people continue to say some remarks from the Clinton camp are too harsh, it was Obama who began the negative campaigning. Does the Philadelphia debate ring a bell to anyone? When Obama and John Edwards attacked Clinton negatively. So is it still safe to say that the negative campaigning on Obama’s part is the politics of hope or just a glimpse into a politician trying to drown America with scripted speeches and rehearsed views on bringing about change.

Iraq: Obama has made the focal point of his election bid center around the fact that he didn’t vote for the war In Iraq. I have issues with that because he wasn’t a member of the U.S. Senate at the time. Though Obama has said that if he were a member of the U.S. Senate he would not have approved. That’s easier said than done. But key political figures (like John Kerry) who have endorsed him voted to authorize the war In Iraq. So how can you criticize someone for doing the same thing your support base has done?

Voting record: Because he’s the junior senator from Illinois, we don’t have much record to go on. However, Obama, for example, was the only member of the Illinois Senate to vote present on a bill that would have increased privacy protections for victims of sexual assault.

It was one of almost 130 present votes that he cast as a state lawmaker.

I think it’s a sad day in America when we have to wait on CNN and other television networks to validate a candidate before we decide to vote for him. Black people need to start taking the initiative to research candidates to see how their views best fit their American dream.

Though Obama may have the charisma and style, he does not get my political juices going. Though I think he is an extraordinary speaker who has the power to uplift people, I DO NOT think he’s the right person for the position of president. Hillary in ’08!