Voices page gets new chief

Before I begin, I would like to introduce myself as Chris Harmon, the new Voices page editor. As the editor, I plan to stick to the importance of this page and that is to hear the opinions of students, not just from the writer’s point of view, but from students all over the campus.

Many of you have noticed our Talk Back columns and we appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Our photographers do a great job of walking around campus talking to the student body every week. This helps us reach out to the Student Union Board, Student Government Association and other organizations and faculty members, and we plan to help you all enjoy your years at Grambling State University.

The Voices page is an entertainment page as well as a realistic one. We want our columns to really reflect how a writer feels about certain topics on hand. The Gramblinite does not intend to single out any organization or individual on campus. We are not about sticking people in embarrassing situations. We only want to let you know how we and other students feel about what is happening on campus. We are writers, but we still are students as well.

The purpose of the Talk Back column is to get an immediate feeling on how the students feel about decisions or situations that are taking place on campus. Their views are most important because students are the people who are affected by these situations. Campus problems are not the only thing we intend to discuss on this page. We mention day-to-day life situations as well as political beliefs and current events that go on in our environment and in our nation.

I am an opinionated person, and I am glad I have the opportunity to take charge of this page. I am not a person who wants to publish non-sense articles that will make no impact. I want to open up the minds and views of everybody, allowing them to think deeper into the presented situations.

I look at this page as the most important page to the school. Without the voice of the students, nothing would ever get done or be taken into consideration.

We like to present a topic with facts, opening up the discussion and then a few of our writers would display their different views on the topic. This will allow people to relate to one or more views, rather than listening to one opinion.

The Gramblinite is inviting everyone to open discussions about our topics any time. You can reach us online as well.

So all I am saying is welcome to 2008, and let this be a page to better help GSU, a page that gives students from different areas of the world a chance to express their viewpoints.