Word editor bows out gracefully

Looking back to the very first day I stepped foot on this wonderful campus, cried my eyes out on the grass of Truth Hall, cried myself to sleep that night and woke up the next morning and bawled my eyes out while my brother walked me to my 8 o’clock English 101 class. I honestly cannot believe that I stayed here and accomplished so many remarkable things. Attending an HBCU was always what I wanted to do after graduating high school. But the impact that it would leave on my life was unlike anything I could ever imagine. Grambling was not my first choice of schools to attend, but I am so grateful that God saw fit to redirect my path.

While matriculating at GSU I was afforded the honor to cheer for the best cheerleading squad in the SWAC and be under the leadership of a great man, Terry Lilly. Thank you, coach, for all of the encouraging words, for those long hot practices, hell week and for that one particular time you cursed me out (there were many others) and made me try that pyramid (hump-back, hump-back) one more time. Oh yea, how could I forget my shoulder dislocating back handspring. Cheeeeeer Leat!!

The Gramblinite. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you. Thank you so much for allowing me to express my feelings, unveil my thoughts and share the Word of God in a fun and positive way to the students of this campus and the people of the world. Remember my first story-Is a beer better than a black man?

The Gramblinite staff. Pat and Jason y’all always have something smart (well not actually smart) to say about everything. It’s all B.S. DeEric, you made a great editor-in-chief. Thanks for bringing the paper to a different dimension. That’s beat.

Jerome, now that I’m leaving I’ll gladly hand over my first place trophy to you. I think not, ‘you’ll have to earn that one, I’ll always be No. 1!

Justin, the new kid on the block, I’ve never seen anyone who loved video games more than you. You’re such a great man, stay away from Pat and Jason. They’ll corrupt you.

Terrance, little bit, you have such a tall heart (lmao). I’m ready for my close up.

Darryl, is today a good day? Keep up the good work. You’ll make it big one day.

Jackie (JuJuBug) Girl, we out the door! Thanks for the columns. Stay focused on your craft, devote your time into it and you’ll definitely succeed.

My friends. You all have cheered me up when I was down, loved me when I was difficult to love, corrected me when I was wrong, and you were willing to be my make-believe patients. You guys are the best group of friends that anyone could ever ask for!

Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM). Mr. & Mrs. Alford, you two are definitely heaven sent. The campus of GSU will never be the same anymore now that you two have arrived. Thank you for those awesome Tuesday nights and women’s ministry. I’ve learned so much and was able to apply the things I’ve leaned to my life. I am so honored to say that my vision is much clearer now.

Thank you, Grambling State University, for teaching me patience and humility and equipping me with all of the tools I need to go out into the world and conquer.