SGA takes on student complaints

Students have complained for years about not having adequate places to attend school. This semester, students have noticed many physical chan-ges to the school and complaints have dropped to a minimum for students. Although Grambling is far from perfect, it is well on its way to marked improvement. Students are going to witness a number of changes to campus in the years to come.

“The plans and views of the campus is at a great need so we assemble as a campus,” said Student Government Association Vice President Franklin Wilson. “We gave and received complaints and concern forms from students with concerns of the campus, dorms and food.”

Grambling State’s Master Plan is a lengthy one, but finally, one can see progress on paper.

The leaders of SGA met with President Horace A. Judson and his administration this semester to discuss student complaints and concerns. During the meeting the new plan of the university was brought up, and it seems it will be a success.

Although it will take some time, the new plan consists of features such as a grand educational center, a Greek quad to be located in front of Brown Hall and University lake.

“It seems like a good plan, even though none of us will be here to see it,” said senior Broderick Eggins. “Its nice to see Grambling State University headed somewhere.”

The SGA Senate meets every Wednesday under Wilson’s direction to address the many complaints and concerns of the students. With the grand, lengthy plan that is in the making for the university, the SGA will focus on more immediate issues, like a Chase ATM on campus, public safety and public university transportation.

To view the Master Plan, look on the GSU website, www.gram.edu.