Nightlife is always worth it

Every year, thousands descend on New Orleans for the Bayou Classic. For every person who comes down for the game and Battle of the Bands, three are looking for a party.I know all the people that hit “The Big Easy” for the Classic aren’t there for Southern vs. Grambling. Over the last few years, I’ve even gone home looking for a party more than anything else.

The New Orleans newbie is instantly drawn to the ever-infamous Bourbon Street. This is cool most of the year, but during the Classic weekend, it can be almost as bad as Mardi Gras.

Anyone feeling the urge to slip onto Bourbon Street should do what many locals – including myself – recommend. That is, hit it from a side street. This will assure you easy access to a daiquiri shop or bar that will surely satisfy your thirst for debauchery.

Another viable option is hitting a club, but that may prove troublesome for one important reason .THE COVER CHARGE! Most college students, or anybody else for that matter, don’t want to pay somewhere around 50 bucks to get into a club that usually costs $20 at most.

As I walked down Decatur Street, I couldn’t help but notice a long line. When I asked someone about the cover, they told me it was $40 before midnight. I passed the club at 12:30, so it was safe to assume that the price went up.

I was lucky that I didn’t have to post up on Bourbon Street or pay a small fortune to get into an overcrowded nightclub that might get shut down because of a fight.

I’ve come to realize that, for me, going to the Bayou Classic has become about more than a game, a Battle of the Bands, a Step Show, or a party. It has become a family reunion of sorts, with me getting a chance to meet up with friends that in some cases I have been close to for most of my life.

The nightlife in New Orleans is like no other in the world. It is truly the city that never sleeps. And while things do get a little crowded, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.