Helpful hints from the graduates

As graduating seniors, we definitely have a few words of advice and some helpful hints for those of you who will be putting on that black robe next semester and for those of you who plan on walking across that stage in the near future.We suggest that you grab a pen and paper to take a few notes. Better yet, when this paper hits the pavement, save a copy.

It is better to profit from someone else’s mistakes than to make them yourselve.

– Find a major that interests you and not one that impresses others.

– Take your required classes first, like English, science, math and history.

– Always put your book work first. Go to class, go there prepared and always ask questions.

– Make sure your GSU account is in order before leaving for the Christmas break or any break. You would hate to come back and not have financial aid.

– Take the Christmas break to look for potential jobs or internships.

– This one is for the nursing students. Study. Study. Study. Don’t take the break for granted. It is what you do while not in class that determines how you will perform.

– Have fun while you’re here. Experience new people, do new things, but don’t forget who the real you is. Don’t compromise.

– Listen to Little Brother and other real hip hop.

– Get a good group of friends. People who don’t know you won’t like you for no reason, don’t sweat it.

– Enjoy your time here and don’t take this time for granted.

– Don’t make being a college student your career. This is only a stopping point to prepare for your future.

– Join The Gramblinite.