Give the coach a break

“They can have this (expletive) job,” said Coach Broadway after the game.No. That’s not a typo. It’s what was said, minus the curse word. Broadway was fuming after Elfrid Payton confronted him after a loss. Some people say the loss was intended, while others say it was playcalling.

Regardless of what happened, something happened that should have never happened. The first sentence should have never happened. I would be mad as well if a fan confronted me the wrong way, but I would, hopefully, never say that sentence.

Saying that sentence is telling the Gambling faithful that you do not care if you win or lose. It says you only want a paycheck. I’m sure that’s not what Broadway meant by the quote, but that’s what it seemed like.

However, I have a bone to pick with the fans as well. Where were you when the Tigers won seven straight? No one attended the games, whether home or away. The game in Jackson looked like we were a traveling high school. Who was really at the Classic?

Yet, when the G-Men lose two in a row, everyone wants to jump on the team’s back, as if they accomplished nothing. I do recall us going 3-8 last season with no chance of getting a SWAC Championship.

However, I always saw people at the games rooting on the G-Men. I always saw people supportive of our Tigers. Now, all of a sudden, they’re winning and no one cares. I would be hurt too.

Maybe that’s what Broadway meant. Why should I stay if you don’t support me? Very good question indeed. It seems as if people are already talking about his replacement before he even leaves. That would be a slap in my face as well.

While his frustration is warranted, I’m not saying he should have made the statement. However, after seeing no fan support and constant attacks on his character, I would be infuriated as well.

But alas, it’s Gambling we’re talking about. This is a school that everyone wears on their shoulder but does nothing for. I’m still trying to figure out since when was a Classic more important than a Championship game.

I thought championships defined legacies, not a game or a Classic. Apparently, just because a trophy is given out, it is a Championship to some fans. Personally, I’d rather a SWAC Championship than a game. To say that we are the school in the SWAC with the most championships is a privilege and an honor.

Privileges can be taken away quicker than they can be gained. So, let’s keep thinking the Bayou Classic is our only Championship. We’ll soon be saying that we were the school with the most championships.