Farewell, to dear ol’ Grambling

My journey has come to an end at Grambling State University. It came so fast; I can’t believe it. I have many memories at GSU; some were good and some were bad. Coming to The Gramblinite as a freshman I was afraid, but Ms. Peters made me feel right at home. My experience at The Gramblinite has been great.

Even though I took a semester off from the newspaper, Ms. Peters still welcomed me back with open arms and I thank her for that. Yes, Ms. Peters, I’m going to need the recipe for that carrot cake!

I hardly ever read the newspaper until Dr. Ford-Dunn required me to have a current event each class period. I hated reading the paper, but it helped me strengthen my writing.

Last spring I could not get along with anybody on the staff. Tuesday and Wednesday nights I always had a disagreement with someone. If it was not Darryl, it was Patrick and DeEric. Those three always had something negative to say about my writing, but it was only to help me become a better writer. So thank you, guys.

Patrick, I know we kicked the semester off on bad terms, but you are still my friend and I am going to miss you. A point for me and none for you, Patrick, because I’m coming clean. I don’t know why I was angry with you in the first place.

Even though I had my share of enemies, I did walk away with two good friends from The Gramblinite, Genta Hayes and DeEric Henry.

Genta, you have been a really good friend to me. If you need a word of advice, ladies, talk to Genta the picture girl, because she has a philosophy for any situation.

DeEric, I’m going to miss you friend from deep down in my heart. It’s impossible to stay mad at someone who speaks the truth. If you don’t want to know the truth about yourself please do not ask DeEric because he will slay you and your feelings will be hurt. But only a real friend tells you the truth.

Last but not least, Ms. Dunn. There are not enough words to describe all the good things you have done for others and myself. Ms. Dunn, you’re the glue that holds the G-Phi-Nite together.

If I missed anyone please forgive me. Thanks to everyone in The Gramblinite and the Department of Mass Communication.