District 2 police juror-elect extends words of thanks

My deepest thanks go out to all of the citizens of District 2 and the citizens of our great parish for your friendship, and the time and effort that you put into my campaign. It is an honor to represent you. My integrity will not be compromised, and my decisiveness on your behalf will never be questioned. Thank you to my very special friends for your creativity and the hours you gave, and thanks to my brothers and sisters in Christ for cheering me on. A special thanks go to my children Faith and Mark and my friends for the telephone calls that renewed my determination.

I also thank the person whose seat I am replacing. I am grateful for Rev. Eddie Allen who served for four years. I applaud the service that he provided to Lincoln Parish. Thanks for a great campaign.

I ran this race the best way I knew how – with honor and integrity. I told Lincoln Parish what I could do. I gave clear plans, instead of muddled rhetoric.

These ideals are what I believe in. These ideals will save Lincoln Parish. These ideals are timeless and worth fighting for.

We must build on what we believe: Lincoln Parish is a great place to live, a great place to rear a family, a great place to get an education, and a great place to get a great job or start a business.

Thank you again Lincoln Parish for this great opportunity. May God bless all of us!

– Hazel Doss Hunter
Police Juror-Elect District 2