‘Abstract Art’

Lights, camera, action. All eyes were on the members of the Elite Modeling Troupe, which held their fashion show Tuesday night in the T.H. Harris Auditorium. Alaina Wood, president of Elite Modeling Troupe, said that the audience was in for a real treat, and indeed they were. Her inspiration for the show was her love for fashion.

The theme for the night was ‘Abstract Art,’ where the models’ outfits came from the scenes of the show. First up was ‘Sketchbook’, where the models were all dressed in black, white, and grey.

The second scene was ‘Primary’, which included the three primary colors; red, blue, and yellow. Next up was ‘Xpress Yourself’. The scene included the models’ inspiration from life, music, and love. The fourth scene of the night was ‘Japanese Anime’, where the outfits were mixed with a bit of funk and hip-hop.

Although music was provided throughout the breaks between the scenes, the audience was thoroughly entertained by four young aspiring Gramblinite’s who call themselves Monroe’s Most Wanted, a dancing group which has four members: Jacarruem ‘Rudy Ru’ Bradford, LaQuann ‘Twin 1’ Wimberly, Detrick ‘Lil E’ Moore, and LaMon ‘Twin 2’ Wimberly.

The next scene was ‘Boldface’ where the models showcased their best in all black. Colors collide to make beautiful works of art; ‘Kaleidoscope’ was the next scene and the models wore outfits with bright and contrasting colors.

The next scene was ‘Hip-Hop Comes to Life’ and it was all about designer labels, such as Roc-A-Wear, Enyce, and Ralph Lauren.

When you think of long gold chains, Kangol hats, and fanny packs, you think of the 80’s, which was the inspiration for the next scene, ‘Retrospective.’

The most impressive scene for the night was ‘Caution: Wet Paint’ where the models wore yellow tape for tops, bottoms, and headbands.

The last scene for the night was ‘Indecent Exposure’, where semi-formal attire was worn. Although the modeling troupe has only been on the campus for three years, they represent poise, elegance, and grace, and each model individually has that ‘it’ factor that makes them unique in their own way.