Report card details GSU flaws

This year, The Gramblinite editors discussed the different things areas were doing to improve the university. We decided to form a GSU report card to showcase the state of the university.
We judged primarily on the things that were visible to the student body, trying to be as nonbiased, fair and accurate as possible. No one was given points based on recognition.
Report Card:

Administration (D-): The administration has done things such as a layout a master plan for the university, beautified the campus, expanded student dormitories. However, they still have to work on hiring more police officers, taking responsibility for the actions at Alma J. Brown, building better student relationships, not cutting student funding in the SGA. The influx in crime not only falls on the Police Department, but on the administration, which has to address these issues head-on. It’s time to not only focus on building up the campus, but securing our campus from crime.

Facilities (C+): Facilities has been consistent this semester. Not too much has changed for the better. Most Tiger Village workers are outside sources, as is the planting of trees and flowers. However, Facilities controls those outside sources. The bathrooms are always in bad condition. And improving on how long it takes to fix a door, window and air conditioning wouldn’t be a bad idea. There is no fun in paying rising tuition if you have to live uncomfortably.

Financial Aid (B): This semester we must admit there were still a few rough edges in Financial Aid, but they have overcome many obstacles. They have done a better job of communicating with the students, keeping up with important student documents and processing aid. Yeah, we know there are some students who had problems with Financial Aid, but the number at GSU has seemed to decline.

GSU Police (F): Any time there is a shooting, rape or stabbing on campus, students should be informed about it. Many students are still unaware of many of the happenings on campus, and the Police Department should be ashamed. To spend all day writing tickets for parking (when there’s not enough spaces for the number of permits issued) is bad. You have to communicate better with the students. Your job is to serve and protect. Are you really doing your job?

Faculty (A-): There haven’t been too many complaints about the faculty this year. Many students seemed pleased. If you’re not, you should voice your concerns.

SGA (I): Though the SGA has had the annual Big Event and gone door to door asking students to write down their complaints, which is commendable, we don’t have enough evidence to grade them fairly. Whitney White-Moore will need to send us more information regarding the events they have sponsored to show us what SGA is doing.

Student Union (B): The Homecoming events were good this year (with the exception of the concert). Poetry nights, Halloween party, freshman events and the Jagged Edge signing party were great attempts. The events could have been better, but we are unaware that there is a higher authority that has to give final approval. If Dr. Martin disapproves, it’s a dead deal. But through adversity, they still have managed to pull it off. But we would love to see the executive board challenge the higher authority in order to meet student demands.