Long-Jones Hall in danger of collapsing

Many students on campus are unaware that they might have to find another location in the future to pay their school fees because the current location where they go, Long-Jones Hall, is a building in danger of collapsing. Long-Jones Hall is one of the oldest buildings on the campus of Grambling State University. And because it is made of wood, there is a danger that because of its age, the wood could rot, then break. But the fact that it is wooden also makes it easier to repair.

Long-Jones houses the offices of Students Accounts, President Horace Judson and Vice President, Robert Dixon, Payroll, Human Resources and other areas.

The problem with the administration building lies only within the north side of the building, where it has started to sink into the ground. Other than the north side, there appear to be no other parts of the building in danger of collapsing.

Instead of tearing down the entire building, Edward Alfred, interim head of Campus Operations, and his staff have decided to just renovate it.

“It will take about a year when construction gets started to finish the building,” Alfred said. “It should be better than ever.”

The renovations will include remodeling the interior of the building, putting in new windows for both floors and installing better air conditioning and heating units.

The exterior of Long-Jones Hall is already being remodeled, with the painting being redone and putting in a new bell tower.