Who will rescue rap music, videos?

I think that many people forget the difference between hip-hop and rap. Hip-hop is storytelling. It’s speaking the truth about what goes on in the everyday lives of African-American people.
Hip-hop actually has a meaning behind it. It consists of rappers like Talib Kweli, Common, The Roots, Brand Nubian, Mos Def, The Fugees, Rass Kass, Slum Village, etc.In hip-hop videos, you hardly ever see half-naked women dancing around, money being thrown everywhere and bad language. These artists talk about different situations, like poverty in the Black community, how important African-American women are and things of that nature. Yeah, they may say a curse word every now a then, but nothing too vulgar.

Rap music is totally different. Rap music has no message whatsoever. All rappers rap about are their fast cars, how much money they have, and they constantly disrespect women. Just about every word that comes out of their mouths is B*#@ and H*&$. When you see their videos, you see women in bathing suits 99 percent of the time!

People say “Sex sells,” but come on. Crack sells, but that doesn’t mean you need to go buy it! These are very beautiful women, and they shouldn’t feel like they have to be half naked to be pretty.

Some ask, “Is rap music destroying our black communities?” My answer is yes. Young Black females see these videos and do exactly what they see the other females doing in the videos. I think that it has a strong effect on our society. If this is the only image that is exposed to the younger society, they won’t know any other route to take besides the negative one.

I don’t listen to rap music. But I do listen to hip-hop. Rap music has definitely turned me away from it. Most of the time, I find myself not watching BET because these rap videos have become very distasteful.

An artist at the top has to step in and save rap music and rap videos. If not, someway, somehow, America will find a way to get rid of it! Someone has to be the first to change it.