Student group dazzles kids with their costumes

Any cartoon or superhero seen in real life by a child would make his or her day. On Halloween, the children in the Grambling State University Nursery School had a trick or treat day around campus.Before the kids were able to get out and have fun, their day was filled with excitement when the members of Headlines Entertainment came by.

Members of Headlines Entertainment paid the Nursery School a visit in their Halloween outfits and hung out with the kids. They brought the children candy and took pictures with them. At the end of the day, the children were excited and was happy to see some of their favorite characters.

Robert Clayton gave a spooky look as he dressed as “Jigsaw” from the Saw movie series. Jerome Hubbard and John Butler gave the kids that action adventure look with Venom and the Black Spiderman.

Jared Gill gave a cartoon style look dressed as a huge penguin. Justin LaGrande brought back old school wrestler El Generico. Also going old school was Patrick Thompson dressed as “Buffy” from the Fat Boys.

Headlines Entertainment is a small group on campus that is forming a networking unit. Members entertain by bringing music talent, actors, promotions, public relations, film projects, and even host parties weekly. Members say they are all for making Grambling a better place and taking steps like visiting the children is a start.

“I am happy to celebrate Halloween together with my brothers,” said Thompson. “Being asked to make these children’s day special made my day.