Stop wasting your time, money

It is amazing how we, the student body at Grambling State University, call ourselves adults, but yet we do ignorant things. Last week, two students decided that it was worthwhile to fight in the student center and break the window to the bookstore. It not only caused damage throughout the store but nearly caused serious damage to the two combatants, all because of two minutes of kicking, scratching and pushing. Are we not in college? Are we not adults?

We sit here and ask – no we demand – from the teachers, faculty and other staff to be treated with respect. But we do not respect ourselves. We wonder why we are looked at in a certain way. We wonder why it is so hard for us to obtain careers instead of jobs. We wonder why, why, why, but yet we do not take the time to look in the mirror and answer the questions ourselves. Well, look, we will answer the question: it is us.

So many of us are in college just going through the motions. We pay the money, but we do not go to class. And when we do, we don’t do the work. We do not ask questions and, hell, we just do not take it seriously.

Consider this the wake-up call because as the semester comes to a close people are faced with many decisions. One of them is whether they should waste their money coming back?

Again, allow us to make the decision. Stay home, because we do not want you here. You are bringing our test scores, our reputation and our morale down, not to mention the fact that you are wasting your own time and money.

This is not aimed at all students, but we felt it had to be said. Hopefully we as a student body can get our act together and really reclaim the legacy that is Grambling State University.