Remember to give thanks

As we approach the sacred season of Thanksgiving, we must bear in mind that there are so many physical and emotional benefits of excitement as well as the spiritual benefits. We must never fail to realize the real purpose of the Thanksgiving season. As we look at the word “Thanks” means an expression of gratitude. On the other hand, the word “giving” means showing whatever we need or desire to.

During this season, we must thank God for our family with whom we celebrate. We must also thank God wholeheartedly for the food which we partake and everything from the depth of our hearts.

Our giving or sharing throughout this season is truly a blessing to all mankind-especially to the needy. Trust me, it does glorify God in heaven.

Students can bring nonperishable food items and drop them in designated bins.

Administrators of small and large companies may also encourage their employees to donate food items of varying magnitudes.

These schools, administrators, pastors of area churches may desire to donate to needy families and individuals as well as homeless groups.

Need I also not leave out the civic organizations in the local area. They may also launch food drives through citywide efforts. They may donate to designated needy families in the area. Or they may even sponsor a citywide dinner.