I’m remembering the good ole days

Remember those good ole’ days? Remember when cartoons used to be about Bugs and Daffy? Remember when Disney first released Lion King? Remember watching House Party and doing all the dances? Those good ole days. What happened to the good ole gas prices? Gas used to be $1.20 for a year, and go up to $1.29. Man.those were the days I could fill up my gas tank with $15 and still have some money to get a soda out of the store.

What happened? What really happened to make gas go up to the ridiculous price it is now? I can’t even stomach driving by a gas station any more. The prices in Ruston, the last time I looked, were $2.94.

So what happened? Bush happened. Ever since Bush got into office, the gas prices rose steadily, and they never even got close to what they used to be. Gas is not a privilege; it’s a necessity. But since when did necessities have to make people choose between eating good and getting to work?

Some people will quickly say that gas rose in the Clinton era. Yes, it did rise, but Clinton was smart enough to force the gas companies to lower their prices by leaking some of the gas from the national storage. That helped curb inflation and allowed poor people to get gas instead of scrapping to survive.

Bush, on the other hand, has let gas continually increase until it’s to the point where people can’t afford it.

I’m a college student, and I have to drive back and forth from Ruston to Grambling. I’m scrapping for money to get home, which is 30 minutes away in Monroe.

Why am I scrapping though? Shouldn’t a check from The Gramblinite cover all necessities? No, it does not. Why? Let me tell you.

The minimum wage in this country is stupid. It’s only a ploy for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. How can a president in good conscience let gas prices get more than half of the minimum wage?

Then, when Congress tried to raise it, he threatened to veto it!

Yet, we can spend billions of dollars to send millions of troops to Iraq to fight a war that’s already lost (remember Vietnam?).

It just amazes me that a gas crisis is the furthest thing from Bush’s mind. I guess he never had to scrap for anything in his life, including an election his brother helped him win.

But I remember those good ol’ days. I remember being able to fill my gas tank up and have money to get home on the weekends. Ah .those good ol’ days.