Establishing himself as one of the best

Playing football seems to come naturally for Clyde Edwards, considering he has been playing since he was a little boy. But outside of football, there are many things that make up the man Clyde Edwards. “My family is my base,” Edwards said. “My heart and will to want it keeps me motivated. And my intelligence, because without my education I could not do anything.”

Born and raised in Houston to the proud parents of Clyde and Shelia Edwards, Edwards started playing football with his older brother and always took the game seriously.

“I have been playing sports all my life,” Edwards added. “Before I started playing organized football, I was always playing in the neighborhood with my older brother.”

“My older brother is nine years older than me, so when I started playing with people my age, I excelled.”

Coming out of Westbury High School, Edwards played offense and defense. When it was time to pick a college, a lot of schools started to lose interest in him because he wanted to play wide receiver instead of defensive back.

“A lot of bigger schools wanted me at cornerback,” Edwards said. “When I made my decision, Colorado was really the only big school that offered me a scholarship.

“I felt that Colorado was not the place for me, and I came to Grambling.”

Despite being an undersized wide receiver in college, Edwards has set many records at GSU. He was been named an All- SWAC receiver and came into this season as an All-SWAC and All-American candidate.

Entering this year, Edwards had 140 catches, 2,412 yards and 25 touchdowns in his career. This season he has 40 catches for 637 yards. He became the No. 1 receiver in GSU history on Oct. 27 when he surpassed Scotty Anderson’s touchdown total of 34.

Outside of football, Edwards has maintained a 4.0 average, and when school is over, he would like to work for a Fortune 500 company.

“I am a competitor and it is in my competitive nature,” the marketing major said. “I want to be the best. Coming up, my parents always told me that my education is the foundation and without my education, I could not play.