Dealing drugs is a 2-way street

In urban areas today, drug dealers are making a fortune off crack and heroin. Just ask notable drug kingpins such as: Felix Mitchell of Oakland, Freeway Ricky Ross of Los Angles, Leroy Nicky Barnes of Harlem and Melvin Williams of Baltimore, who made millions of dollars selling heroin and crack. Sure drugs brought these men a huge amount of wealth, power and fame. However these men killed their communities and tore apart homes. Today drug dealers only look at the money and the power but don’t think about the downfalls.Crack (also referred to as: Charlie, coke and white tornado) is an addictive drug known for its intense high. Crack contains less than 40 percent of cocaine and 60-90 percent of miscellaneous things; crack was first created in the 1980s. Rick Ross, one the first dealers who started selling crack, substituted baking soda to replace ammonia because it would reduce the toxins and odor. Crack was made in glass pots, or put in the microwave, which produced smokable crack cocaine. Crack is sold on the street at $50 a gram, or $10 for a bag of rocks.

Heroin (also refereed to as Bart Simpson, China cat, skag. The formula for heroin is C21 H23 NO5.), is a drug that is used mainly as a depressant and is legal in the United Kingdom. C. R. Alder Wright, a chemist at St. Mary’s hospital in London, introduced heroin in 1874. Heroin is usually sold pure, it resembles a crystal like color, its usually injected, snorted or smoked. On the street heroin is $165-170 a bag.

People tend to forget that dealers are very smart and very cunning. Let’s start with the way they ship drugs. Common ways of shipping drugs are stuffing them in corpses (this started during the Vietnam war) and coffins, in the bumpers and tires of vehicles and in 18-wheelers. Next reason is that drug dealing is like running a business. You have to mange money, and do what other people do when running a business. To be successful in the drug game, what must you have? Connections, connections and connections.

Here is the real deal: Drug dealing will get you two places, the penitentiary or six feet under. All the drug kingpins I mentioned are in jail, dead (and all died violent deaths) and one person on my list is in the Witness Protection Program.

Remember this, a dealer is nothing but a pawn in a huge game. Ask yourself this question: Why do they catch the dealer but not the supplier?

All drug money, or trap money, is fast money, and you might start with a lot but you are going to end up with nothing. Dealers don’t have 401(k) plans or retirement plans. However, they get retired. The smart ones quit while they are ahead.