AROTC shines during competition

Students enrolled in Army ROTC participated in an annual military competition on Oct 26-28.Unlike typical military competitions, the “Ranger Challenge” is a unique branch of the ROTC program that recognizes students who are represented as being part of an elite group that performs at a level far beyond that of the average cadet.

Cadets are expected to complete 80-plus push-ups and sit-ups in two minutes, then instantly prepare for a two mile run in under 30 minutes.

The majority of the rest of competition is focused on the cadets staying healthy and not falling out of a 6.2 mile run deliberately arranged to break the cadets mentally and physically: This is accomplished by also making the cadets carry a rucksack on their backs that can weigh anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds during their long road march.

Cadets must also perform well in assembling an M-16 rifle, correctly throwing grenades, building a rope bridge across a simulated river bank and keeping their composure while dealing with attitudes that could possibly jeopardize a mission.

Grambling ranked sixth among 12 other schools from the Southern Region (Viking brigade). GSU was the only school to garner first place in more than one event.

“I was pleased with my team and their desire to push on and that they never gave up,” Cadet David Neil, team captain, said.