TB: How did you feel about Homecoming?

Courtney Gray
Wallis, TXMy expectations were set high considering we were playing someone from where I’m from. Luckily we won, because if not much noise would have been said! Lol

Jamaal Garret

The concert was weaker than that thang, but homecoming lightweight cracked.

Terence Jones
New Orleans

It was ok considering the given circumstances. Although I among other students feel that we shouldn’t have to pay for the events especially since we pay student activity fees, if the student body would get more involved with the behind the scenes situations, then maybe we will get what we want.

Kelsey Kyser
Monroe, Mich

Homecoming was cool. I enjoyed the talent show and comedy show, but the concert was poo-cheese. The yard was packed and I saw American Gangster so that was cool, plus we won the football game.

Ineisha Robinson

I was not satisfied I enjoyed homecoming last year better. My favorite activities were the talent show and the actual homecoming game and parade.

Compiled by Terrance Stokes