Rating events of the week

I give Homecoming an “A” for effort. I can’t say that this has been the best homecoming, but I notice some pretty decent attempts.One smart move was moving the Block Party into the Women’s Gym. Rain, Sleet, Hail, or Snow, the old Grambling would have still attempted to have that block party. I was very impressed with that.

I was pleased with the fact that we got American Gangster because the movie isn’t out yet. Even though it came late, I believed it should have been played earlier in the day because it showed pretty late following the Comedy Show and many chose not to watch it because of the time.

The comedy show was pretty decent, but it has been better in the past. I am thinking that for Homecoming, we should have some major comedians come to Grambling rather than just whoever is available from Comic View. I want to see Chris Tucker or Katt Williams for Homecoming. I wouldn’t mind paying extra cash to see these comedians.

Talent show is what it is every year. I just want to encourage more people to get into the Talent Show, and demonstrate new talents. Outsiders are always here for entertainment and that could be your shot to success, if they’re in your interest range.

I was happy to see that alumni was hanging on the yard with their Greek organizations and that was a beautiful thing. Then I walked by the Gym and saw the Carnival. That could have been a lot better.

Now, this brings me to the concert. First of all, I thank whoever got somebody to come down here for Homecoming and that was very sweet of you. But try not bring someone who is not in the spotlight for Homecoming. If you go to the club this semester, “Walk it out” was a hot song, but it is not even played anymore. Why bring DJ Unk to Grambling on Homecoming? Why? Jagged Edge is a classic, but a classic don’t mean bring them because they dropped a new album.

I recall last semester, members of the Union wanted our opinion on who we wanted for Spring Fest and some very impressive names were on that list. The reason why I am so hard on Homecoming is because Alumni come back. The traffic is bad, tailgates are all over campus, no parking spots what so ever, and for all these people to be here, Homecoming should be the best time of the year.

If we pay big money to get in the club, we will pay big money to see Lil Wayne or Kanye West.