Race relations in the good ol’ USA

The issues of race continue to plague America. To a large extent, your race still determines where you live where your kids go to school and the quality of education they receive, and what your job prospects are. Race also plays a large part in how the police and the criminal justice system treats you.If you are a minority, you are often viewed as a suspect, and you are likely to receive harsher penalties, than white Americans if you are convicted of an offense. Police brutality is a huge problem for Black people in the United States. Racism is America’s greatest illness circulating in these United States. What’s more shocking scientist have not found a cure, and there is not one on the horizon. Racism has engulfed America and indeed the world.

Racism is pervasive in America and it affects in one-way or another nearly everything we do. In fact it affects nearly everything we see. Yet none of us will profess that we are racists or that we harbor racist thoughts or do racists things.

No one wants to admit they are racists, even members of the Ku Klux Klan say they are not racist and they are just looking out for their own. If racism in this country were cured we’d have a much better America. Just think of how life would be if we all really treated everybody alike, regardless of race, creed or color. Unfortunately, racism appears to be here to stay.

I suspect it will be around for a while. At least, for all my lifetime, yours and your children.