Jigsaw is dead but …

Every Halloween we are blessed with another terrifying chapter of Saw. Saw 4 hit the theatres this past weekend and I must say, this time, it had me jumping out of my skin. Jigsaw is very well dead, but the legacy still continues. Even after the fourth movie, there is still room for a fifth episode. For those of you who do not know, Saw is a Horror-Thriller-Mystery movie directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. The story follows an ill old man who goes by the name of Jigsaw (John), which was played by Tobin Bell. The story is about people who do not appreciate their lives in Jigsaw’s opinion, and he puts them in obstacles that are nearly impossible to escape without shedding blood, using timers and death traps. In the last chapter, Jigsaw was killed and the movie ended with a victim in search of his daughter.

Starting off Saw 4, we are reminded off a scene in Saw 3 where Jigsaw swallowed a tape. When the paramedics cut open his body, they found the tape and played it. From there, the story continued. Two officers came up missing in the investigation and the fact was clear that there was another apprentice working for jigsaw.

One of the cops that came up missing, SWAT Commander Rigg (Lyrig Brent) was set in a trap to learn a valuable lesson. Just like all of the Saw series, the ending is a very simple process that throws your mind over the edge. The policeman had an urge to try and save everybody. His task was to learn how to save people and let people save themselves. After being put through several tasks teaching him how to let people save them selves, and help people save them selves, his final decision to save somebody cost their lives.

The movie once again stood out to be another number one movie, which is hard in my opinion to keep a series alive this long without it getting boring. The way that the new apprentice was introduced to the movie was very difficult to understand, but if you put all of the pieces together, you can understand how it all took place.

I do believe that there will be a Saw 5, and it will come out in October. However, Saw MUST END at 5. The movie is a new school series, one of the first since A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Friday the 13th, and it will make a classical gift set when they all reach the stores. Questions need to be answered and answered quickly in Saw 5. What happened to the detective’s son in Saw 2? Seeing that the detective from Saw 2 finally died in Saw 4, we should at least see what happened to his son that came up alive after the detective failed his test in Saw 2.

What happened to the guy’s daughter in Saw 3 who just died in Saw 4 as well? She is still trapped in a room somewhere and she should be revealed somewhere in Saw 5. The two surviving detectives from Saw 4 should have one last final run in the Saw 5. Also, Jigsaw’s ex-wife still has not made herself visible in the movie. The main reason why Saw should end in the next one is because Jigsaw is dead. He has been torn open and there is no way that he could still be alive.

Not only that, if the voice of Jigsaw on the cassette tapes aren’t the same, then the movie would begin to fall. Nothing is like the original in any situation so I am hoping for the best of series, that they create a fifth Saw and end it at this time. Over all, the movie was a success and I could go see it again. Saw 4, in theatres now!