GSU off-campus students outraged about paying cable

As students register for the next semester, they are aware that they have to make sure that fees are paid. The question is, however, do they know what fees they are paying?Most students know about the GSU Promissory Note Fee and the Late Registration Fee. However, there are other fees that students are being charged for, specifically off-campus students.

According to a recent report entitled “Student Fees & Financial Information” released by GSU, all students pay a total of 20 university and self-assessed fees. The fees range from an academic fee to a Miss Grambling/Court fee. The report focuses on the Fall 2006 and Spring 2007 semesters.

The total of these fees should come to $221. Some students’ fees have reportedly come to $207. Some of the controversy currently surrounds the Cable TV and KGRM Cable TV funds. As of right now, off-campus and graduate students, who are required to live off-campus, pay for these funds. This has caused some students to be outraged.

“I don’t even have cable!” said Jeanette Sly, an off-campus student. “I’m paying for something I don’t have.”

Krystal Smith also agrees.

“I would love to have my money back,” the off-campus student said. “They don’t pay for my cable at my house. This is ridiculous.”

There is also some confusion at Steeple’s Glen. Steeple’s Glen was purchased by the university late last year and was added as an on-campus housing option. Currently, they do not receive the 71 channels that other on-campus students receive. According to some residents, they only receive around 30 channels.

SGA President Whitney Moore-White said she would be conducting an investigation to find out exactly what some of the fees meant to clear up some discrepancies. Moore-White said she would comment when the investigation was completed.

Some of the fees included in the University and Self-Assessed Fees are a “Loan Fund” fee, a “Lyceum” fee, a “Centennial Campaign” fee, and a “Student Insurance” fee. The Student Insurance fee is the highest of all the fees, costing $57. The lyceum fee is “an institution for popular education providing discussions, lectures, concerts, etc.,” according to Dictionary.com.

The Centennial Campaign fee has a controversial history. The fee was supposed to be discontinued in 2000; however, it has continued to thrive despite the original limits put on the fee when it was first established. There was a refund given in the Spring 2007 semester for the fee entitled the Centennial Fund Credit. It totaled $12.50.

The Student Activities fee is the second highest of the fees, costing $40. Student Government Association collects $14 per student, while the cheerleaders collect $10 per student. The Orchesis receive $6 per student, while the Theatre Guild takes the lowest fee of $1.