Grambling tailgating isn’t all about the food or the game

Ice down the drinks. fire up the grills. grab the football and head for the hill. Tailgating has become a big event for Grambling State University over the years. It’s a great time for fans, alumni, families and students to come together and celebrate one another over food. Tailgating started back when GSU first built Eddie Robinson Stadium, which has been over two decades ago.

Since then the tailgating number has increased tremendously over the years for GSU. People from everywhere came to tailgate. They came from Ohio, Texas, and Mississippi and, of course, Louisiana.

Grambling State University sold 523 tailgating passes and 69 bus and RV passes. That did not include the number of people who actually attended tailgating, according to Delores Smith.

Mostly all home games fans come back to tailgate, but homecoming is the time to go all the way out. Well at least that’s how Kelvin Lewis feels. “I have been tailgating for 10 years in this same spot right across from the parking lot I buy a pass for the year. I enjoy tailgating it’s fun it’s just in my nature and plus I love football,” Lewis said. He also adds that the food is what also makes tailgating interesting.

From turkey legs to gumbo on the grills, anything you can think of was on the grill. Shaquala Commings, a high school student from Madison High in Tallulah said, ” I have been tailgating since I was in junior high school. I love the food and meeting new people each time I come back for tailgating.”

“What’s tailgating without football said Corwin Borssett from Shreveport I have been tailgating for two year and I love football and tailgating.” Borssett also adds that he is a huge fan of the G-Men team and he look forward to the G-Men winning the championship.