Grambling lab receives donation

Grambling High Foundation presented $2,500 check to Grambling Middle Magnet/High School library to assist with library automation software purchase.”We are appreciative for the finances and it has been ear marked for automation of the library. Some software has been purchased for the library computers to bring our library up to date from a technology stand point,” said Gregory Williams, Grambling High principal.

Ronnie Harrison, middle school principal said, “The funds will help us to update the library. The software will allow students to know what books are on the shelfs of the library. It will help us with our test scores.”

“The students will use the library more and they will be able to pull up journals. If we encourage them to read more, it will help to improve their test scores as well as other subjects,” said Harrison.

The Grambling High Foundation was established during the Grambling High School All Class Reunion held in November 2006.

The foundation’s purpose is to assist in meeting some of the financial needs of the lab schools. It also provides a collective way for alumni, businesses, and others to give to the Grambling Laboratory schools.

The foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization.

Robert Wiley, treasurer and Sandra Ashford Dupree, board member of the Grambling High Foundation both are alumni of GHS and have children currently attending the lab schools.

“We’re happy to be able to give this donation on behalf of the Grambling High Foundation, and we hope to be in a position to give much more in the future,” Wiley said.

To make a donation or for more information about the Grambling High Foundation, contact Robert Wiley at 513-1561.