Delta Iota ’97 alumni raise funds for GSU daycare center

This past week, there were great events: the comedy show, talent show, the movie premiere and step show, just to name a few.However, one event symbolized the meaning of homecoming, giving back. Members of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority class of 1997 (109 members) did just that. They threw a party at San Miguels this past weekend and all of the proceeds went to the GSU Child Development School.

The party the Deltas put on was a complete success. Alumni and students packed the place, socialized and danced all night. They played some old and new school jams. At the party, some alumni saw people that they have not seen in years. The party was so well attended, that the floor actually caved in and they had to stop people from coming in. The crowd was very electric and excited about homecoming, and everyone was also anticipating the half time show and the step show. When the party came to an end the final amount that the Deltas raised was $4,097.00.

“I love being back in college,” said Angela Davis. “It feels good, but it also feels good to come back and give back and I’m issuing a challenge to all the other lines.”

Davis, a member of the Delta class of 1997, also stated while being at Grambling State University that she is troubled about the things that are going on with her Sorority.

“The advice that I would give to them is go back and look at the principles that this organization and its funding,” she added.

The alumni Deltas have a reputation for handling their bussiness before doing leisurely things and they have proven that statement to be true.